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nationalMy girlfriend(My Italian national, in this case, my Queen) and I have been together for three months now(roughly). And about 2/3 of that time she was sick, a fever most of the time. We had to visit the school hospital almost every other week, and every single time there was a blood test for her, because she was always on temperature of course. During the first time of her blood test, she was crying helplessly, she couldn’t understand why it’s necessary. Nor did I. I had to turn to the hospital a few times before, but the blood test was never required. Later she(we) just got used to it, we go to the doctor, we do the blood test, and we go to the doctor again. We would then come out of the hospital with a basket of medicines, western and Chinese.

What follows next is a few days’ rest in bed, recovering, slowly.

The same thing then happened to one of her Italian friends. It’s a Sunday, the school blood test office was closed, and because she’s on temperature, we had to do that blood test, we then took an Uber to a bigger district hospital. Same process, temperature examination, blood test, prescription and a basket of medicine, this time we chose only western medicine, because she has never tried Chinese ones and she’s leaving for Italy in a week.
She cried too, while she was doing the blood test, the doctor in charge of the test was not impressed, at all, he saw this on a hourly basis maybe.
I checked the AQI again on my phone, I have a handy Android app to tell me this, the number is 203, heavy polluted it says. I’m not even near concerned, because I know this is considerably an acceptable number, after all, I can still see the moon if I try.